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Highly Effective, Professional and Recommended Counselling and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Services.
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We also offer mental health training and consultancy to organisations and businesses.

You come to us because you desire impactive integrative, directive counselling and psychotherapy with aspects of personal coaching and mentoring. Our approach is predominately analytical, seeking to identify and treat the causes of symptoms, both conscious and unconscious. Such insights reduce repeated patterns of thinking and behaviours that cause depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We use a socratic but person-centred approach which establishes what you want to achieve before agreeing a bespoke plan for treatment.  We specialise in working with autism/ADHD including pathological demand avoidance, narcissism, narcissistic abuse recovery and trauma. 

We have different price entry points, depending upon the type of service you require and the therapist you prefer to work with.  We offer a full assessment at the beginning of any course of treatment, followed by regular reviews. 

We work with you to understand and relieve suffering by talking through and helping you in solving problems.  A deep analysis improves the quality of your understanding of self and others.  This improves the quality of your life, your relationships, and brings lasting changes. 

"Achieve a deeper understanding."

Some of what people say about us:

 "...The speed and accuracy by which Chris was able to work out our personalities and provide genuinely useful insight was, quite frankly, incredible."  Mr. M, 2019, Canterbury.

"...Working with Christopher has been transformative.  He's been my beacon of light in the journey of self-discovery." (S.C. 2023)

'...I have previously spoken to therapists but have not achieved anything other than realising the scale of my problems.'

(Mr. H, Canterbury, October  2022)


...I would strongly recommend Christopher.  His ability to take in what you have said and suggest things that make you think completely differently about your situation really makes you feel like you're making progress. Best decision I've ever made. (Adam, August 2022).

...Chris is a talented practitioner that helped me to heal from past trauma by skilfully holding a mirror up to my unhealthy defence mechanisms. 

(37-year-old female from Folkestone in Kent.)  

 ...It was one of the most interesting hours I've spent in a long time, and I did come away feeling a lot better.  (Ms. R, Canterbury, Sept 2020.)

I was fortunate to have an opportunity to benefit from sessions with Chris.  He was a listening ear and gently guided our conversation so that we both gained a better understanding of where I am at and the things that happened in the past that impact on my ‘present’.   Chris, I hope all is well with you and thank you for the value you have added to my life through our sessions. Best wishes. (HD, Feb 2022)

My son and I have both seen Chris and both courses of therapy have had a profound impact on our lives.  With our son, Chris helped us understand how our son sees the world (through a mildly autistic lens  and how we could help him deal with challenges, friendships and expressing himself.  Chris also helped "pop" some growing bubbles of unhappiness that a recent move had given our son and tools for us to help talk through sadness.  Chris basically helped us to become better parents to our fantastic child.  [...} The phrase "life changing" is a big one, but here it completely applies. Our son is like a different child. His school also see a dramatic change in his behaviour and we now know what he needs at home to express what is going on in his head.    My happiness scale is now high and back to where it used to be. I should also mention that this was over 18 months ago and so is not a temporary fix, but lasting treatment.  As a family, we cannot recommend Chris enough and are so grateful to have found him.  He is kind, warm and non-judgemental. We still talk about how Chris helped us as a family. (Catherine B and family, April 2021)

Chris is the best therapist I've worked with, and there have been a fair few. Its not that all of the others were bad (most of them anyway), but that what I achieved with Chris in a comparatively short amount of time, has allowed me to better understand myself and thus heal myself far better and quicker... I would thoroughly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to work hard and get to the bottom of their difficulties... whatever they may be. (Tanya, 2020.)

I have been working with Chris over the last few months and felt respected and heard. Chris is one of many therapists I have seen but the first I have stayed with. Our work has challenged me to grow emotionally and I feel stronger for it. I would and have recommended his service.  (Hannah, Oct 2020. )

Chris has a warmth and empathy that really puts you at ease, and together with his extensive experience, we felt safe working through a complex issue. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Chris to others (Tracey and Jonathan, 2019).

 ...Chris generously agreed to take me on as a client on short notice, despite having a very busy schedule. He did his best to accommodate me, taking into account my very alternative worldview, and always showed the deepest compassion and patience.  In one of our later sessions, I had a breakthrough that has helped me immensely.  I would highly recommend working with Chris. (Saskia, 2021.)

...Chris doesn’t sit with a clipboard making copious notes, he focuses on YOU. He provides the clarity that you need to help unpick the mental blocks that have consigned you to the dark place you’ve reached. In my case the fog was well and truly lifted enabling me to start rebuilding my life & positively tackling the demons that led me to the comfortable chair in front of Chris! I’m very grateful for the sessions I had & can’t speak highly enough of Chris & the relaxing surroundings where the sessions took place.  (Alex P, Nov 2020)

We were in desperate need for some help for my adult daughter. On my very first telephone conversation, I had with Christopher I was put at ease by his empathy, kind and caring nature and when he said he definitely knew what was wrong and he could definitely help the relief I felt was indescribable.  For the first time in such a long time I felt there was hope for the future; for my daughter who had been suffering so much. His insight into these matters are excellent.  Helped us all as a family we are very grateful to him.   (Janet, Sept 2020.)

...Sessions with Chris were sometimes very difficult but they were always insightful and thought provoking. He listened without judgement and taught me to recognise unhelpful and unhealthy ways of thinking...I have gained the self-esteem and confidence I needed to make long-lasting, positive changes in my life. Although I no longer need regular sessions, I am comforted knowing that I can call on Chris if I ever struggle in the future.  (Rhi, October 2020).

...Chris is a true professional, but it was nice that we’ve enjoyed a few laughs along the way also - I’d highly recommend him  (Lee, Aug 2020.)

...Chris helped me find my way out of my depression. We worked together for the better part of a year, starting with weekly sessions and then slowly reducing the frequency of the sessions. Chris’ knowledge of psychology and psychotherapy, ability to ask important questions and consistent encouragement and patience gave me the room and safety I needed to untangle unhelpful habits.  I highly recommend him.  (Dana, Aug 2020)

Thanks Chris for guiding me to the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.your thought provoking sessions have helped me gain confidence in myself and given me the tools to resurrect what I felt sure was a situation I was unable to turn around.  Wholeheartedly recommend. (JB, South Canterbury 2020.)

From the moment we arrived for our first session it was immediately clear that we had entered into an environment where we could feel 'safe' while talking through the problems we had encountered within our relationship. My partner in particular was nervous and suffering with anxiety, this was handled by Chris with great care and understanding. Chris possesses considerable social perceptiveness, and using this skill he was able to tailor an approach that was appropriate for us and our situation. He has within his repertoire as a therapist a great amount of tools which help to aid understanding and demonstrate the key to good communication with a partner, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Something I found particularly helpful was the support Chris provided for us even outside our sessions, on several occasions I was able to message him and ask his advice, I thought this was remarkable especially considering his workload. I would definitely recommend Canterbury Hope Foundation and would return myself if I needed the support again. (Couple, Canterbury 2019-20)

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"Hopeful and reflective safe spaces"

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Issues successfully treated include phobias, depression, personality issues,
sexual abuse and intimacy/relationships, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders,
violence/anti-social behaviour, bereavement, and PTSD .  
We work with children, families, couples as well as adults of all ages.


Mr. Christopher KIDD (M.A)
Professionally qualified.
B.A.(Hons) Philosophy & Religious Studies (Kent).
M.A.(Merit) Psychoanalytic Studies (UCL, Birkbeck).
Diploma in Counselling Therapy


I have successfully treated a broad range of people from as young as 4 to a lady of 89.  Many symptoms and mental health issues have been successfully treated including depression, anxiety and psychosomatic conditions.  I have a specialism with autism, its causes and management. 

I have also worked successfully with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, survivors of parental and sexual abuse and professionals traumatised from service, including the emergency services and armed forces. I have been particularly successful in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and personality disorders.  I have gathered considerable experience and insight into narcissism and how to treat this disorder and how to manage and recover from it.  

I have taught and lectured in counselling and use a wide range of styles and techniques to facilitate client improvements. This can range from simple counselling to a deeper psychoanalytical approach.  I lean heavily upon the work of Jacques Lacan, John D. Caputo. 

I work a lot with relationships including marriages and families, and encourage people to learn some simple techniques to help overcome problems in the future. 

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