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Couples Counselling 

"My partner and I really appreciated your time.  You helped us in massive ways I can't properly explain.
The impact you had in our lives was so important and we are forever thankful."

- L & S, Ramsgate, 2019 

All close relationships have their ups and downs.  Couples therapy can help you make a difference in your relationship and within yourself. 


We can help you work through individual issues that may be impacting upon your relationship, or support with the dynamics between you as a couple that are causing pain and distress.  This may include working with you together or separately, or a combination of both.  We will explore ways of relating, informed by past attachment experiences.  

Couples Counselling Kent

Seeking therapy as a couple can help address more openly the issues that are causing harm.  We will work with you to open up communication to understand and resolve underlying issues and to find a way forward.   


Relationship issues can be complex and may sometimes stem from childhood experience as well as current pressures.  An important aspect of our work with you will be to highlight the impact of the past on both individuals and work to disentangle it from the present. 

Couples counselling can provide you with new tools, ideas and perspectives to benefit your relationship and to gain a better understanding of negative patterns within a relationship. 

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