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Individual Counselling

"In difficult times, finding someone who can help may be one of the hardest jobs. Somehow Chris’s advert stood out so I called. Could I have been luckier? I doubt it. I once saw a councillor when my brother died, twenty years ago. My current situation may have been more difficult. Chris’s warmth, skill and pragmatic approach may have literally saved my life. I cannot recommend him enough. In a world that to me has lost it’s way, Chris remains a rock of common sense with enormous skill. See him and decide for yourself.”
- SB, 2020

We provide a safe environment for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and concerns, gaining a greater awareness and insight and move towards a more integrated and connected self.  Unlike couples or family therapy individual therapy focuses solely on you.  This enables a deeper understanding of the issues you are facing and more time for developing coping strategies to help you handle difficult situations.  


We have significant experience of working with:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Agoraphobia

  • Transgender issues

  • Pathological Demand Avoidance

  • ADHD and Autism

  • Narcissism and Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse.

  • Relationship Issues

  • Trauma and PTSD and cPTSD

  • Sexual Abuse 

  • Addiction 

Our sessions will help you discover patterns in your life that may be affecting your emotional and psychological wellbeing. 


This might be your first experience of therapy, so we will seek to put you at ease in a safe and confidential environment.  We will ask you about your expectations and what you would like to achieve from counselling.  


Working with you, we will discuss some options and agree a goal to work towards.  Finally, we will explain how we ensure you get the best possible service at an affordable rate.  

Chris is experienced and skilled in providing psychoanalytical psychotherapy, a form of talking therapy that draws on the principles of psychoanalysis, developed by Sigmund Freud. 


It focuses on exploring unconscious thoughts, feelings, and memories to gain insight into a person's psychological conflicts and patterns of behavior. Through regular sessions with a trained psychoanalyst or psychotherapist, individuals delve into their past experiences, dreams, and free associations to uncover underlying issues and develop a deeper understanding of themselves. The therapeutic process aims to resolve inner conflicts, alleviate emotional distress, and promote personal growth and self-awareness.


Chris has studied psychoanalytical principles, history and practice to Masters degree level (Merit, Birkbeck 2023), and deploys the insights offered by Jacques Lacan, Donald Winnicott, Harry Guntrip and others to provide a deep analyse and understanding. 

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