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Meet The Team

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Christopher Kidd
BA (Hons) Philosophy & Religious Studies (Kent)
MA (Merit) Psychoanalytic Studies (UCL, Birkbeck)
Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

You come to Chris because you desire impactive integrative, sometimes directive counselling and psychotherapy with aspects of personal coaching and mentoring. His approach is completely non-discriminatory, non-judgemental and ethical.  

Chris has successfully worked with individuals, couples and families of all ages suffering from numerous issues ranging from depression and anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, borderline personality disorder, trauma (ACE, cPTSD and PTSD), phobias, suicidal-ideation, psychosis and transgender challenges.  He has also worked closely with local authorities providing counselling, management consultancy and training, as well as working intensively with mothers and families in the process of/or having lost children to the care of social services.   


Diagnosed with attention deficit disorder himself, Chris has particular interest and experience in working with Autism, ADHD and pathological demand avoidance (PDA). Chris has a particular interest in the philosophy of language and how it informs our experiences, he has a deep understanding of how the mind structures and uses its language in association with memory and identity.  This provides for profound insights into how people relate, and how neurodiversity in particular can be supported and adapted to improve relationships. Chris has also specialised in the understanding and treatment of narcissism and covert narcissism, narcissistic abuse, and the incredibly difficult experience of recovery from narcissistic abuse and trauma. 


Before founding The Canterbury Hope Foundation, Chris had a lengthy police career which saw him training in numerous areas of investigation and intelligence as well as strategic and operational management, reaching the rank of Inspector. During this time he qualified in multiple areas including conflict management, domestic abuse, advanced interviewing and research and development.  His therapeutic work is supported by the skills he developed over many years working in criminal intelligence. Chris’s experience working with victims of domestic abuse also allows him to ably recommend and support options for improving or leaving toxic and abusive relationships. 


Chris’s father, Rev. Maurice Kidd, was an Anglican Priest and psychotherapist, both for the Church of England and privately.  Growing up in and around the language and principles of analysis, theology and therapy provided Chris with valuable insight into the benefits of deploying, understanding and at times deconstructing belief systems. 


Chris’s work is supported by a considerable range of academic and intellectual interests, including Eastern thought and practises, including meditation and mindfulness.  His analytical work is informed by the work of, amongst others, Sigmund Freud, Donald Winnicott, Harry Guntrip, and Jacques Lacan.  Chris has studied theology and philosophy of religion as well as having experience across several different faiths and denominations.  He is particularly interested in the work of John D. Caputo and the principles of Christian Atheism. 


Chris has a first-class honours degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies (Kent), and a masters in Psychoanalytic Studies from Birkbeck College, University of London as well as other professional qualifications including certificates in Psychology, Policing and Clinical Theology. Chris has a diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling, a subject he has also lectured in at Ashford College.   


Working with Chris


Chris’s work has an intuitive and creative freedom that provides a different approach to the standard counselling model.  This means that Chris doesn’t just provide meaningful and transformative therapy, but intuitively understands and analyses the conscious and unconscious dynamics at play in people’s lives and relationships.


Chris’s approach enables you to achieve a far deeper understanding of your experiences and increases self-awareness and autonomy, allowing you to reduce repeated patterns of thinking and behaviours that may be causing depression, anxiety and other mental health and personality issues. 


Although Chris’s approach is predominately analytical, sessions and conversations will be person-centred and relational.  Sessions are filled with warmth, compassion and empathy. Together you will seek to identify and treat the causes of your symptoms, both conscious and unconscious.  Chris uses a model of analysis, understanding and problem solving.


Simone POLDEN (MNCH [Reg])
BA (Hons) Philosophy (Kent)
Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (NCH)

Simone’s warm and compassionate nature enables her to connect with clients on a deep and meaningful level, where they can feel heard and validated within a safe and non-judgemental space. Her approach is based on the belief that as humans we all have immense potential for growth, healing and happiness. She specialises in working with anxiety, confidence building and overcoming fears. Simone lives in Margate, Kent and works online via Zoom and in person.

Simone graduated from Kent University with a degree in Philosophy and went on to train as a teacher, working in many settings in the UK and abroad. Having grown up with family members working in mental health, education and the law, Simone had a deep interest in people and in the workings of the human mind, always exploring how and why people think and behave the way they do.


After working in education for almost 18 years alongside voluntary work within the community, Simone decided to expand on her passion for helping people by pursuing a career in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She completed further training in Rapid Transformational Therapy ® and set up her own private practice. Simone enjoys continually expanding her knowledge of personal development and holds certificates in Child Psychology, Psychotherapy, Hypno4Children, Equality and Diversity and Safeguarding. Simone holds indemnity insurance and an enhanced DBS.

Working with Simone 


Simone provides a relaxing yet powerful experience in which you will be guided to delve deep and gain clarity and understanding of your anxieties, fears and low self-worth.


Simone creates a safe space for you where your vulnerability will be met with gentleness and compassion but also where you will be encouraged and empowered to take ownership of your thoughts, behaviours and emotions, bringing about lasting transformation. 

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