"I never considered myself someone who would require any form of therapy, I’d always been of the opinion that therapy was for ‘other people’. However, my partner, who had conducted some sessions with Chris (prior to my engagement with him) recommended that I could potentially benefit from some time with Chris to discuss one or two underlying issues relating to my personality and behavioural patterns.

 Chris took a very measured and steady approach to encourage me to open up and delve deep into my past, and to challenge and assess things that had occurred in my life that was having a significant, negative influence in my current standing. I’d have never thought to conduct anything like this on my own volition, which is why Chris’s help has been truly invaluable.

 To me, therapy has proven to be a double-edged sword. It is extremely difficult to face down past issues, as sensitive and delicate as they may be, yet the benefit of doing so far outweigh any negativity associated with therapy.

 Chris is a true professional, but it was nice that we’ve enjoyed a few laughs along the way also - I’d highly recommend him."

 Mr. Lee T,  August 2020

"Chris is a dedicated, knowledgeable, motivated and inspirational counsellor.  I contacted him at a time in my life where I couldn’t find any resolve with the issues that had been thrown upon me.  I came away from counselling with my potential unlocked, having the confidence and knowledge to get through my difficulties to the extent that I was given the tools to deal with other issues that were haunting me, resulting in a stronger, more resilient person with the confidence to cope with future issues, leaving me with a sense of hope, tranquility, a more fulfilled life and healthy state of mind."  Carmen, 2020.

"Towards the end of 2019 I had the good fortune of being able to attend a block of therapy sessions with Chris Kidd from the Canterbury Hope Foundation. Originally I thought that my issues at the time stemmed from difficulties within my marriage. What I found with Chris's guidance was painful experiences from my childhood that I had carried with me my whole life. The deep inner personal transformation that I was gifted with because of my sessions with Chris, have positively impacted not only how I feel within myself, but how I relate with friends, family and most importantly my husband. While the therapy sessions were challenging – as any emotional healing work is – I really enjoyed my time with Chris and I will definitely be returning at some point in the future." Mrs LL, 2020.

"Chris was a huge help at such an incredibly difficult time. He was able to help both myself and my wife during the early stages of our separation navigating us through all extremes of emotions, which from a personal perspective would have been impossible otherwise to cope with. He was able to deliver fair and balanced impartial advice and support which continues to contribute towards the step by step rebuilding process. Always helping to check and defuse raw emotions offering a sense of reason and focus on being kind during the times when it was most necessary. It’s now a constant reassurance to know that I have someone to turn to for support."  Family T, Canterbury, 2020. 

"I want to say thank you to Chris for making a massive difference to my marriage and my life. I went to Chris initially to explore what I thought were some small issues of my own, but after a few sessions we realised that I needed to come with my husband as there were underlying issues in my marriage that needed urgent addressing. Chris worked with us individually and together and helped us restructure our marriage into something far better than ever before. He helped us understand the dynamics between us, the reasons behind these and how they got us to the place we were in. I hadn’t realised how much our day to day interactions and a lack of healthy boundaries had gradually impacted our relationship over the years until we started making changes for the better. Chris helped us understand what would be necessary to create a positive shift and gave us suggestions as to how we could do that. After just one session, my husband began opening up to me and sharing his innermost feelings- something I had never ever experienced or seen from him before. Chris gave him the courage and support to do that and I am deeply thankful to him for unlocking my husband’s heart and allowing me to see inside. Our marriage is now stronger than ever before, because we know and understand each other on a far deeper level. With Chris, we both felt really listened to and he was compassionate and kind, always acknowledging and validating our feelings yet at the same time he also challenged us to look deep within ourselves. He was non-judgemental and made it clear that he was here to support our choices and decisions, whatever they may be. We learned so much from our sessions and we continue to maintain these new relationship patterns that we established in order to keep our marriage strong and fulfilling.  I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to change themselves or their relationships and in fact I always do; several of our family/friends also went to see him. It’s been an amazing journey with Chris and we are both eternally grateful for the priceless gift he gave us."  Mr and Mrs P, Kent 2020

"The last thing I think before I go to bed now is not that I wish I wouldn’t wake up, but that I am thankful for the day and for what I managed to accomplish.  

I remember scrolling through websites, looking at thumbprints of photographs of different therapists in my area, and for some reason when I came across you. The profile said you covered Bipolar/ eating disorders etc...that ticked my first box.  Secondly, I felt safe. It sounds silly to write down and read it aloud, feeling safe when reading about someone, but when you're searching for the right counsellor, therapist, or psychiatrist, feeling safe is important. Well, to me it is. 

 I can’t remember when our first session was- sometime last year and since that moment you have seen most parts of me. Anything I was too afraid to face, you helped me through. You reassured me that my feelings mattered, that boundaries are meant to be set, and being selfish is sometimes okay. If it wasn't for you, I would have never had the courage to walk away from things that weren't meant to be in my life. You taught me that I was more than anything I ever thought I was, you made me believe in myself. There used to be nights where my mental illness made me feel alone, even though I wasn't, and all I could do was think about the things we worked on in sessions. That helped me millions.  At first I struggled in therapy but then I would come in and I’d say things few people would dare to say out loud. For an hour a week, I knew I had 1 hour to be in a place of true belonging where I could be vulnerable, daring and determined. Some weeks this was more painful than others. Some weeks it wouldn’t happen at all and I’d would pray for an ejector seat. But then you showed me that I do have true courage, I’d return again, to try again.   I hated the doctors for diagnosing me bipolar. I was in complete denial, I was angry and I felt like them and my family were personally responsible for ruining my life. I swore they were wrong and that I was ok. I made up excuses why I couldn’t be bipolar and why they didn’t know what you were talking about. After my release from the mental health ward I finally began to accept my diagnosis and go through treatment for it, I slowly began to forgive my family and the doctors. (Which was hard because I was basically tranquilised the whole time!). I realized my diagnosis didn’t just magically appear out of nowhere, and it was something I had been dealing with for a long time and something I had created. I had to own up. Take responsibility. 

 As soon as I listened to everyone I knew I couldn’t do it alone.   Everyone was crumbling around me and I had to get professional help. You are the one who led me into battle when I was ready and trained me to fight this. Thank you for equipping me with the skills I needed to live with bipolar disorder and not to become bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, it took too long to get to you, if the NHS was sprinkled with people like you then everything wouldn’t be so hard. And I wouldn’t have been so exhausted by the time I got to you.   And I swear by that. You have taught me how to control that up and down behaviour. Made me acknowledged the triggers and also made me aware of a better life where I wouldn’t have such a struggle. 

 When I first met you I had totally given up hope that things could ever be different from how they were. When I was younger I used to think that it was impossible for someone to feel so depressed and disconnected every day, I used to wake up with the hope that this would be the day the pain disappeared. But it never did and somewhere along the line, probably in my 20s, I started to believe that some people were just born like me and were doomed to live their lives like this. I knew bad stuff was happening and had happened to me but I thought it was some kind of karmic power punishing me. 

 By the time you met me I had developed quite a lot of unhealthy physical and mental coping mechanisms to either not feel anything at all in the face of unbearable emotions or to feel something and anything. I was self-medicating with alcohol and drugs whilst putting myself in strange and sometimes unsafe and vulnerable situations. You were there for me when nobody believed in me. Not even myself. You were my biggest supporter. No matter how alone I felt in the last year I knew you were with me every step of the way, waiting for me, and always being ready to catch me for the smallest trip or biggest fall.

 Thank you for helping me work through my toughest battles, for helping me accept my past and learn from it, for supporting me. Thank you for everything you've helped me accomplish up until this point, I can't wait to see what I will accomplish in the future.   You helped me face my mental illnesses in a positive light. I don’t think you know how much you changed my life. An infinity of thank yous would never be enough. But a simple thank you for empowering me, for inspiring me, and for guiding me into being the better, happier, healthier, person I am today, will have to do." Abbey, May 2020. 

Chris helped me and understood me as soon as we met, I was battling some depression & didn’t know where to turn. Chris was kind , understanding and let me speak openly without judgment. I’ve since reached out to people I had shut out of my life and can see a light and the end of the tunnel. I will be back in the future just to keep on top of handling my emotions and dealing with dark thought, but for now I finally feel content with where I am in life and know where I’m going, I can’t thank you enough Chris.  Nick, Maidstone, 2020.

I found Chris via a simple Google search, I looked for 'best marriage counselor in Canterbury'.  Google was right. I was absolutely desperate to get help in understanding what was going on in my relationship with my wife.  After just a few sessions my wife ended our 13 year marriage. 

He could not save my marriage, as it transpired very quickly, that it have been over for sometime.  No-one could have.  I was absolutely destroyed by this, I was a physical and mental wreck.  The sense of loss was completely overwhelming at times, but for my children, my family and my work I had to cope and find a way to move on.  I continued to see Chris after the relationship ended.  So why am I writing a testimonial for what looks like a failure?  Simple, the speed and accuracy by which Chris was able to work out our personalities and provide genuinely useful insight was, quite frankly, incredible.  This insight, hard as it was to digest, proved to be so profound to me that I was finally able to unpick what had being going on in my relationship.  His ability to sum up the relationship in one stark metaphor was a watershed moment for me.  Through his insight and continued support I have managed to start to discover myself again and to regain my confidence which had been systematically dismantled . Chris does not follow a formula, you don't feel like you are going through a fixed process, he listened and always managed to come up with both practical and highly insightful ways to help. Whatever your problem, I highly recommend you see Chris.

Mr. M, Canterbury, 2019 

I always looked forward to the sessions because Chris tested me and stretched me, and made me work hard to think about some uncomfortable issues, and their origins.  The rapport I developed with Chris allowed me to engage fully in the sessions and use my personality to navigate the sessions; this included use of humour and anecdotes. I was always impressed when Chris would refer to a story I had told weeks after I’d told it and use it to illustrate a new point or emphasise some progress we had made.  It may sound strange to commend a counsellor for listening, but I think this is one of Chris’ strengths- the ability to listen actively and develop new questions or techniques to try based on what I am saying.

I would recommend Chris for his person centred approach and the way that I felt that he listened to me and based discussions and techniques around my interests and personality.  Chris made references to stories I had told in earlier sessions and used some pop culture references I had made to introduce ideas and concepts to support my analysis of my situation.  I believe that Chris valued me for who I am and he drew on what gives my life meaning and value in a non-judgemental way to support my progress.  I feel that I am now equipped with the tools and confidence to evaluate future challenges and manage myself.

Stephen, Margate 2017

Chris was great with our 4 year old and he immediately made him and us feel at ease. After spending time with our child, Chris was very quick to make an analysis of what he felt was causing him anxiety- this was very detailed and made a lot of sense when Chris went through it with us. Chris spent a great deal of time talking to us to help us understand what was going on with our child and what was the root cause of his anxiety and how it could be treated. We were given lots of helpful advice of things we could put in place at home and at school to support him. Our little boy was very sad, distressed and really struggling to cope at school.  

Chris was keen to set up treatment sessions immediately to make a quick impact- it did! Within a few sessions, we had our happy, confident and funny little boy back!  We would definitely use Chris’s services again! 

Family W, Westgate, 2017

In order to care for others I need someone looking out for me, providing a space to explore motivations, beliefs and the knotty issues of my life. Chris provides this with huge skill and great humanity. He is a solid and dependable constant in my week. 
I like to understand processes and Chris is excellent at explaining psychological development with simple and profound metaphors that I can carry with me.
In brief, Chris is the complete councillor; present, focused and unshakeable in his determination to see me succeed. I can identify very clear changes in both my thinking and acting and my experience in relationships arising from my times with him. 

Simon, Canterbury 2017

Since meeting Chris he has helped me to broaden my thinking, understand how the past has sculpted my personality and aided me to manage my anxiety. Chris made both my husband and I feel extremely relaxed and comfortable in couples sessions as well. Chris really wants to help and I have felt extremely supported throughout.  

Laura M., Ramsgate 2018

I'd like to say Chris has been a great help to me over the last 6 months with helping me to deal with my depression and taught me different coping mechanisms. I would have no hesitation in recommending and also using him again if I needed in the future. 

Andrew F. Margate 2018

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for giving our son back to us. Samuel had been suffering from anxiety and depression for 3 and a half years, since he was 13 and we had tried all sorts of treatments and counselling, nothing worked.  You took the time to speak to each member of our family, with and without Samuel, helping us to also understand what we could do to help him.  Your understanding and kindness shone through and now we have our nutty teenager back again.  If anyone is considering seeing Chris,  please don't hesitate. It will be the best thing you do. Thank you Chris. 

Family, Rainham, 2019

It's hard to explain just how much Chris has helped me. I started my sessions in October, feeling really depressed, stuck in my current situation and still not having dealt with some trauma from my past. He is the kindest guy, and was always supportive, even when we were tackling the difficult stuff. Unfortunately I had to stop my sessions when I moved away in January, but his words and advice have stuck with me and I am now the happiest I have ever been. I would thoroughly recommend him as a therapist.

Apoorva, Kent 2019

"The benefit gained from my sessions has been immeasurable! Entering therapy was such a daunting prospect for me, having so many layers of trauma and relationship issues to deal with, however you instantly put me at ease when explaining how the process would be. I felt an instant sense of trust in you and your techniques. I cannot recommend you highly enough - my words cannot do justice to the immense sense of release and calm that I have experienced.  Your knowledge has helped me identify how to improve my relationships by first looking inward. Building a strong bond was crucial for my progress and I honestly couldn't have found a safer environment than The Canterbury Hope Foundation.  Anyone considering therapy should not hesitate, it has been the most worthwhile journey. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Lisa, Broadstairs, 2018

I found myself in a very dark place with PTSD and depression at the start of the year. Not knowing who to trust and the NHS waiting times so long, I took to the internet. I found Canterbury Hope Foundation and Chris’ profile online and dropped him a line by email.

The response was amazingly quick! By the next week we had met for a tester session and almost three months later I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in the same or similar situation. He is very incisive but compassionate andunderstanding with it. We went to some very dark places but I felt guided, safe and ableto cope. It has given me a new perspective on life and left me very much happier and in control.

Mr C., Canterbury, 2019. 

I could not highly recommend a more caring, trustworthy, talented and just the most brilliant therapist to anyone that is in need of that extra support/guidance.  Chris was always there to support and help me in conquering any doubts and emotions I had, nothing was too much for him, which always kept me at ease.    Also Chris helped me realise ways to cope with the situations I was going through in a way that I could understand and connect with, whilst also being able to recognise triggers within myself.  I will never forget all that Chris has done for me, in a time where I was not sure if I was coming or going. Without a doubt the best counsellor/therapist I have ever been to, and will always if ever needed to revisit again. I am now living life to the full and I am so thankful you gave me the strength to move forward!  So if you are looking for someone with all these qualities who Chris is by far the man for you.  Just a massive thank you again Chris, I truly would not be where I am today if it was for all you help, guidance and support.

Leanne, Canterbury 2019

I have been seeing Chris since 2018 when I was diagnosed with PTSD and told there was a 12 month waiting list for treatment on the NHS, with high dose antidepressants being prescribed in the meantime. I see the cost of seeing Chris as a worthwhile investment in my mental health when I was effectively abandoned upon diagnosis.

I am very grateful to Chris for his support as a practitioner as well as his professionalism. Nothing is too much trouble and he will go out of his way to accommodate scheduling etc. I have had regular contact with him via WhatsApp which has been useful as I work in London. 

He has introduced me to mindfulness and breathing techniques that I simply hadn’t been aware of despite previous CBT treatment for depression on the NHS. His approach to tackle problems in a practical and no-nonsense way has been a refreshing change to skirting around issues or using convoluted language that I’ve previously experienced. 

I recommend Chris to anyone in the Kent area.

Emma, Thanet 2019.

Chris Kidd is an amazing individual, who I feel has really helped me to turn my life around. 

The first time I meet him, I was an emotional mess of a man but thanks to he's positivity, compassion and professional know how, I'm now back to the up beat, positive person I always was deep down. I would like to thank him for everything he has done and would more then recommend him for anything, no matter how big or small the problem. He can help!  

Mr. M, Canterbury 2019.

I came to see Chris for a variety of reasons, without any idea of the transformational journey I was to embark on with him. 

Through gaining my complete trust and confidence, Chris has helped me work through specific traumas in my past, develop an understanding of why certain patterns of behaviour existed and how to recognise and manage them in the present and future. 

Through challenging my thought processes, offering alternate views and helping me understand and recognise certain behavioural traits in myself and others, he has helped me develop a deep understanding of self and others that has completely transformed the relationships in my life.

I'll be forever thankful for Chris' unique ability to listen, challenge, share and educate, and he has inspired me to start my own counselling degree so I too can help others in the way he has helped me. 

I cannot recommend Chris highly enough.

Ms. F, Wye 2019.

It has been extremely beneficial to have had sessions with Chris in order to understand what I was experiencing and why and to have worked out the way forward. I am feeling so much more settled and grounded now but it is reassuring to know that I could go back again if that ever changed. Chris is extremely easy to talk to and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. 

S, 2019

I came to Chris feeling as though I was stuck and felt constantly out of control, with my confidence at an all time low. I can honestly say that following my sessions with Chris, I have completely changed my outset. I’m also looking forward to utilising all of the techniques he’s shown me to combat situations in which previously would have knocked me and left me again feeling helpless again. I would 100% recommended him and know that I can rely on advice or help from him in the future whenever I need it.

James, Canterbury, 2019. 

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