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I turned to Chris after facing multiple negative encounters with mental health professionals. At the time, I found myself frequently hospitalized for self-injury, suicidal thoughts, and psychosis, overwhelmed by anxiety and fatigue. From the start, Chris was incredibly accommodating, actively helping me discover ways to feel at ease. During our sessions, he demonstrated flexibility, even allowing me to bring my dog for support. Chris has been consistently respectful and supportive of my gender identity, making me feel heard and valued. Rather than trying to neatly label my experiences, he adeptly managed individual symptoms and factors, understanding the nuanced complexity of trauma, the human psyche, and mental illness. Incorporating philosophy, he skillfully explored abstract worries, making connections that no other professional had. Outside of sessions, he continued to offer unwavering support, helping me access services for both my recovery and transition, guiding me through the challenges of the NHS mental health system. Chris encouraged me to embrace my neurodiversities, shifting from a previous mindset of fighting against them to managing and utilizing these differences. He created a safe space for discussing my experiences of psychosis, allowing me to freely explore their nature and find meaning behind them. Chris supported my progress at my own pace, proving invaluable during my recovery journey. 

KB, Folkestone, 2024 


After my first session with Chris I felt a sense of safety that I had never felt before. I was an imposter in my own life and had no idea how alone I felt, until I didn’t feel it anymore. Chris gave me a sense of self worth by believing in me and supporting me, but also by challenging my personal narrative, listening intently and putting me at the centre of each session.  I had recently experienced a bereavement and relationship breakdown, and the guidance I received each week helped me to navigate a range of emotions, until I reached acceptance.  The positive impact Chris has made on my life will never be forgotten, and for this I am extremely grateful. I have said thank you a million times, but once again, thank you Chris, for everything.   

Miss GE, Tunbridge Wells, 2023 


A lot of people describe feeling relief upon receiving an adult diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder, but I felt like I'd been handed a life sentence, and was struggling with feelings of shame, anxiety and hopelessness.  I chose Chris (apart from the fact he looked friendly and approachable with such a big, cheery smile!) because I found the breadth of his experience reassuring at a time when I knew there were a lot of different worries I should be addressing in therapy - but had no idea where to begin, or what to prioritise.  As a neurodivergent person, seeing Chris identify on his professional profile that he is autistic and the parent of a teen with ADHD was important to me, and inspired a certain level of confidence from the outset. I'm grateful to Chris for sharing this information so that people like me, who are looking for a therapist with inside experience of neurodivergence, can find him.  The first thing that surprised me - in a good way - was how affirming I found it just to hear someone with Chris' breadth of knowledge confidently suggest that there were concrete ways in which I was giving off signals that I was autistic. Just hearing this reflected back to me so quickly by a very experienced therapist, and to have it seamlessly integrated into our therapeutic conversation, made a huge difference to me. For the first time, I felt some of that relief I'd heard other people describe.  It was this (and Chris' ability within a short space of time to make observations about me that surprised me) that made me feel hopeful, and I booked a set of five online sessions with him. Chris continued to give gentle nudges and encourage my curiosity about getting to grips with some therapeutic concepts I initially felt perplexed by. By the end of my five sessions with Chris, (and supported by the right medication via my healthcare provider), I was able to make some breakthroughs that unlocked a significant shift in my relation to my self-image and find an anchoring point for some pretty big feelings that had previously left me unmoored.  Thank you, Chris, for helping me find the language I needed at a time when I felt very lost. Thanks also for being flexible in fitting in appointments around both of our schedules, and for being honest, optimistic and generous about what you could offer with my time frame and budget. I would definitely choose Chris again. 

LB (f, 34), 2023. 


As promised, I wanted to send you a quick testimony following our sessions together.  When I first saw Chris, I was in a very difficult place. I’d had a significant health scare and as a result was suffering from quite severe anxiety. I had completely lost my confidence and was struggling to be the person I thought I was. My time with Chris has helped me to understand why I responded the way I did to this incident. I still have the same thoughts and feelings but the understanding I now have enables me to manage them in a positive way. I am more aware of who I am and what drives my behaviours and responses. I feel so much more able to manage the day to day in a way that is better for me my work colleagues and most importantly my family.  

JT, 2022 


‘I had a few sessions with Chris following separation from my husband. Having never had counselling before I was unsure what to expect but Chris was friendly and approachable making it easy to talk to him. His insights into my relationship issues were quick and very accurate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.’  

Ms N, Canterbury, 2022 


Before I came to Chris I was suffering heavily with CPTSD and was self-medicating with alcohol. I was extremely co-dependant with a history of abusive relationships, whether that be family, friends or romantic. Chris was extremely patience and took the time needed to gain my trust. Every week Chris was able to access my emotional and mental state and was able to shape our sessions to suit. This took an incredible amount of awareness and skill on his part. Not once did Chris falter or let me down. I was provided with the stability and help that I needed. I am now happy to say that because of our sessions my PTSD symptoms are minor in comparison to what they were. I am now able to hold down an education and my hobbies. I no longer have toxic people in my life and am in a stable romantic relationship.  I will forever be grateful to Chris for the help and support he provided, I was not living before the sessions. My whole life, I had been surviving and everyday was hard. I know feel I am living the life I always should have. Chris helped me to cross the bridge from surviving to thriving  

Gemma, Canterbury, 2021. 


I’ve had a few councillors and therapists in the past but none that i felt that i could stick with. Chris has been the first where I’ve genuinely been excited to have sessions. I always feel a weight lifted afterwards and feel as if I can discuss anything I need to with him without any judgement. Although I don’t have regular sessions currently, I feel comfort in knowing I can rely on him for a session or online advice if I need to. Since having sessions I feel as if I have a much better understanding of myself and my relationships which has really helped me.  

EE, 2021 


I am very grateful for the sessions I had with Chris. He offered a safe space to talk through things I had been carrying with me for a long time and it is good to have finally unpicked and released some of the burden and have the tools and confidence to carry on unloading the rest. I am thankful to know I have somewhere I can go to talk and get support if I feel I need it going forward in this unpredictable world. Even when broaching topics that filled me with dread, but needed to be discussed and worked through, Chris’s attitude and professionalism made the experience as smooth as possible to share how I was truly feeling without feeling judgement or dismissal.  

Megan 2021 


Chris made me feel alive again and helped my connect with my senses, he has a real spiritual side, over a few months he helped straighten my thinking in a methodical way that allowed me to move forward with my life, I see Chris as a very motivating and inspiring person, I felt that Chris was completely compassionate, if you let him he really goes deep into your history to help rewire your thinking patterns and old habits that could be stuck from childhood or past traumas, I got to a point in life where I was stuck in the corner with no way out, I realised education was key and I needed a professional to help me change. Chris is more than a professional he is a philosopher and a very intelligent educated man, after many family troubles and self-doubts Chris helped me flip these problems into positives and stood by me while he’s energy helped me manifest a great future that has unfolded since talking to him, he was able to rewire my thinking and restart my optimism about myself and life in general. Chris is very honest but does allow you to choose a level in which you feel comfortable to talk as in he will dig deep but at your pace whilst supporting you every step of the way, the best thing about Chris is that you can feel he truly cares about people and is one of those people that will help change and shape the world to be a better place while sharing he’s success and findings with you totally from he’s heart along the way, as a conclusion: if you’re looking for someone who understands the brain and human behavioural patterns from decades of education and expertise while having amazing techniques that change your life Chris is the man I recommend, mental wellbeing is key and this man has dedicated he’s life to helping people in need, don’t miss out on him because he’s rare, I have tried to talk to many people in my life and I can happily say Chris was the best professional I have come across and has changed my life, I class Chris as a healer and a real god send.   

RS, 2021 


I came to Chris in the midst of a crisis, I was not coping with the pressures of family illness and impending bereavement. This had led to a breakdown in my marriage and family life, and so I sought help. Having only had some small experiences with therapy so far, I didn't know how to start such a process. Chatting to some good friends to try and find out what to look for, I started looking for a Psychotherapist with good qualifications, and then contacted several to arrange initial discussions. 

From the start, Christopher was a very clear communicator, and responded promptly to my messages. We arranged for an initial session, and the process of that was straightforward and reliable. After meeting with a few others, I came to the conclusion that I needed someone who I could empathise with, someone who would be open with me, and someone whose strength of character would provide me with shelter.   When I met Christopher, he was warm, personable, honest and open. I immediately felt a bond of trust with him, and that particularly was essential for me to open up and we faced my problems together.  

The sessions were tough, but always kind, and always with empathy. Christopher is very skilled at walking the line between pushing me enough to be honest about my feelings, giving me practical strategies to manage my more difficult traits, and offering me love and support.  

After a period of several months, we reached a point where I felt like I needed to try life without therapy for a while. I use the tools that Christopher has taught me to improve my relationships on a daily basis. My  family and friends can see the change, and it's something I try to work on every day. My therapy has opened my eyes, and started me on a new direction in my life which I am incredibly thankful to Christopher for. And the knowledge that I can call on him in the future is a great comfort.   

Nick, 2020 


When I first went to the Hope Foundation I didn’t know where to turn.  I felt unable to make decisions, lacked confidence and felt very low.  This impacted on my family in a very negative way. I was amazed how Chris tapped into my inner psyche, he discussed with me how I could improve things by understanding more about my unconscious mind.  During the sessions  he showed me by understanding the science of psychology this can enable me to use the premise in my day to day life and in the future so I can realise my true potential.  Chris uses a non judgemental, kind approach which really brought out the best in me and made me feel comfortable and eager to learn.  

I would thoroughly recommend the Hope Foundation and their approach.  

Juliette, Birchington, 2020.  


"In difficult times,  finding someone who can help may be one of the hardest jobs. Somehow Chris’s advert stood out so I called. Could I have been luckier? I doubt it. I once saw a councillor when my brother died, twenty years ago. My current situation may have been more difficult. Chris’s warmth, skill and pragmatic approach may have literally saved my life. I cannot recommend him enough. In a world that to me has lost it’s way, Chris remains a rock of common sense with enormous skill. See him and decide for yourself.” 

SB, 2020 


"It's difficult to put into words exactly how much you helped me."  

Jaime, Canterbury, 2020 


Thanks Chris for guiding me to the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.  Your thought provoking sessions have helped me gain confidence in myself and given me the tools to resurrect what I felt sure was a situation I was unable to turn around.  Wholeheartedly recommended.  

John, Canterbury, 2020 


Before the start of my psychotherapy sessions I was frustrated, exhausted and struggled to imagine things getting better. But with the help and encouragement of the Canterbury Hope Foundation I have increased confidence in my own ability to craft the direction that I want to take in life. I feel that I'm now capable of vocalising my thoughts and feelings in a way that's more constructive to my friends, family and colleagues; because of that, my inter-personal relationships have dramatically improved and I gained the courage to apply for a new role which I am starting at the end of next month.  Six months ago, I was overwhelmed by the circumstances that I found myself in and felt like the rug was constantly being pulled from underneath. Canterbury Hope Foundation gave me the tools to help accept the situation, stabilise the aspects that I could and then build upwards."   

Mr C, Medway, 2020 


"I came to Chris feeling as though I was stuck and felt constantly out of control, with my confidence at an all time low. I can honestly say that following my sessions with Chris, I have completely changed my outset. I’m also looking forward to utilising all of the techniques he’s shown me to combat situations in which previously would have knocked me and left me again feeling helpless again. I would 100% recommended him and know that I can rely on advice or help from him in the future whenever I need it. 

James PS, 2020, Canterbury 


"Chris is a dedicated, knowledgeable, motivated and inspirational counsellor.  I contacted him at a time in my life where I couldn’t find any resolve with the issues that had been thrown upon me.  I came away from counselling with my potential unlocked, having the confidence and knowledge to get through my difficulties to the extent that I was given the tools to deal with other issues that were haunting me, resulting in a stronger, more resilient person with the confidence to cope with future issues, leaving me with a sense of hope, tranquillity, a more fulfilled life and healthy state of mind."   

Carmen, 2020. 


"Towards the end of 2019 I had the good fortune of being able to attend a block of therapy sessions with Chris Kidd from the Canterbury Hope Foundation. Originally I thought that my issues at the time stemmed from difficulties within my marriage. What I found with Chris's guidance was painful experiences from my childhood that I had carried with me my whole life. The deep inner personal transformation that I was gifted with because of my sessions with Chris, have positively impacted not only how I feel within myself, but how I relate with friends, family and most importantly my husband. While the therapy sessions were challenging – as any emotional healing work is – I really enjoyed my time with Chris and I will definitely be returning at some point in the future."  

LL, 2020. 


Chris helped me and understood me as soon as we met, I was battling some depression & didn’t know where to turn. Chris was kind, understanding and let me speak openly without judgment. I’ve since reached out to people I had shut out of my life and can see a light and the end of the tunnel. I will be back in the future just to keep on top of handling my emotions and dealing with dark thought, but for now I finally feel content with where I am in life and know where I’m going, I can’t thank you enough Chris.   

N, Maidstone, 2020 


"It had been more than ten years since I last had psychotherapy and I didn’t feel that it helped a great deal. But I thought I’d give it another go as I was struggling with aspects of my life. I got in touch with Chris after reading some of the testimonials on the site and I am very glad that I did. I found his ability to get to the heart of things and his insight were remarkable. After just a few sessions I was beginning to understand myself so much better. I’ve gained the confidence and have been given the tools to make the changes I wanted in my life, and I am excited about that. I’m also a lot less anxious! I recommended my sister and a good friend and I know they are really happy with the journey they have started! Thank you Chris. "  

Mr S, Westgate, 2019 


"The speed and accuracy by which Chris was able to work out our personalities and provide genuinely useful insight was, quite frankly, incredible.  This insight, hard as it was to digest, proved to be so profound to me that I was finally able to unpick what had being going on in my relationship.  His ability to sum up the relationship in one stark metaphor was a watershed moment for me.  Through his insight and continued support I have managed to start to discover myself again and to regain my confidence which had been systematically dismantled."   

Mr M, 2019 


"Chris has changed my life and enabled me to accept myself just the way I am. I will always be grateful for everything he has done for me. He is a massive inspiration to me and I cannot recommend him enough."  

Stacey 2019 


I can’t say thank you and recommend enough...I have put off seeing anyone and battling on through for years now, being lost inside my own head. A good friend found the Hope Foundation and pushed me to go , and I am so so thankful they did. Chris is such an amazingly kind person and his understanding and knowledge is incredible, I finally feel in control of my life and know who I am. Thank you Chris for getting me to where I am! Thank you for helping me to look forward to this Christmas being happy. I’ll be back to see you in the new year, and finally just vent about day to day life or just to talk.  

Kerry, 2018 


"Thank you Chris for helping me understand what my underlying issues were and how to process them. You have really enabled me to truly feel better in myself. If anyone is thinking of seeing Chris for whatever reason; please don't hesitate!"   

Hugo, 2018 


"I'd like to say Chris has been a great help to me over the last 6 months with helping me to deal with my depression and taught me different coping mechanisms. I would have no hesitation in recommending and also using him again if i needed in the future."  

Andrew, 2018 


"I am incredibly grateful to have been recommended Chris. He has provided a service which has guided and allowed me to overcome several personal issues in a caring, understanding and informative way.  He makes his clients feel comfortable and safe, to speak openly and to experience emotions that can be painful in a supportive place." 

"Chris has helped me understand behaviour and emotions and how to cope with them in the future. I am back to my happy and content self and am extremely grateful to Chris for this. I highly recommend his services which are tailored to each persons individual needs. Thank you Chris."   

Anon, 2018 


"Chris valued me for who I am; he drew on what gives my life meaning and value in a non-judgemental way to support my progress."  

Stephen, 2017 


"The complete councillor; Chris is always present, focused and unshakeable in his determination to see us succeed."  

Simon, 2017 


I always looked forward to the sessions because Chris tested me and stretched me, and made me work hard to think about some uncomfortable issues, and their origins.  The rapport I developed with Chris allowed me to engage fully in the sessions and use my personality to navigate the sessions; this included use of humour and anecdotes. I was always impressed when Chris would refer to a story I had told weeks after I’d told it and use it to illustrate a new point or emphasise some progress we had made.  It may sound strange to commend a counsellor for listening, but I think this is one of Chris’ strengths- the ability to listen actively and develop new questions or techniques to try based on what I am saying. 

I would recommend Chris for his person centred approach and the way that I felt that he listened to me and based discussions and techniques around my interests and personality.  Chris made references to stories I had told in earlier sessions and used some pop culture references I had made to introduce ideas and concepts to support my analysis of my situation.  I believe that Chris valued me for who I am and he drew on what gives my life meaning and value in a non-judgemental way to support my progress.  I feel that I am now equipped with the tools and confidence to evaluate future challenges and manage myself. 

Stephen, Margate 2017 



Chris served as  my therapist over a period of about 4 months where we worked both on me individually and as part of some broader couple counselling.

I found Chirs to be approachable, thorough, professional, honest, patient  and thought provoking.  One of Chris's strengths was his ability to adapt his approach as needed.  Chris could be technical when needed (something I particularly enjoyed), and was able to deliver some quite frank feedback in a manner that created reflection rather than caused offense.  When we indulged in some couple counselling, he was balanced, fair and was able to transcend above any internal point scoring.  His feedback was consistently valuable, encouraging both my partner and me to delve deeper into self-reflection and evaluation.

On a personal level, I liked Chis very much and we always felt more comfortable with someone that had ‘lived a bit of life.’  We always felt that we had received tremendous value for money. R.E 2024


I wouldn’t hesitate in using Chris again in the future.

Christopher was recommended to me by another therapist who had decided my combination of fraught relationship issues and over thought existential posturing sounded like a bit too much for them. What a serendipitous recommendation that was. 

I approached Christopher, ultimately, with a marriage relationship in deep crisis and locked in some really intractable-feeling cycles of mutual blame and negativity. My wife and I went on to do both joint and individual work with him. It has helped us both evolve, immensely; individually and as a couple. 

After several earlier engagements with marriage counsellors more focused on short-term amelioration of conflict, being robustly but kindly and intelligently challenged on the patterns of our behaviour was a breath of fresh air, as was his openness in walking us through how he had anchored his insights into our dynamics intellectually.  It’s tempting to describe his approach as deeply intuitive and indeed I think on many levels it is, but it is an intuitiveness honed by a strong understanding of/training in complex interpersonal dynamics, and his own personal and professional experience. 

Christopher’s a very special therapist. He ain’t cheap but you’ll get more in a session with him than you will in five with someone else, so it’s absolutely worth it.  Onwards! ET, Canterbury, 2023 


"I want to say thank you to Chris for making a massive difference to my marriage and my life. I went to Chris initially to explore what I thought were some small issues of my own, but after a few sessions we realised that I needed to come with my husband as there were underlying issues in my marriage that needed urgent addressing. Chris worked with us individually and together and helped us restructure our marriage into something far better than ever before. He helped us understand the dynamics between us, the reasons behind these and how they got us to the place we were in. I hadn’t realised how much our day to day interactions and a lack of healthy boundaries had gradually impacted our relationship over the years until we started making changes for the better. Chris helped us understand what would be necessary to create a positive shift and gave us suggestions as to how we could do that. After just one session, my husband began opening up to me and sharing his innermost feelings- something I had never ever experienced or seen from him before. Chris gave him the courage and support to do that and I am deeply thankful to him for unlocking my husband’s heart and allowing me to see inside. Our marriage is now stronger than ever before, because we know and understand each other on a far deeper level. With Chris, we both felt really listened to and he was compassionate and kind, always acknowledging and validating our feelings yet at the same time he also challenged us to look deep within ourselves. He was non-judgemental and made it clear that he was here to support our choices and decisions, whatever they may be. We learned so much from our sessions and we continue to maintain these new relationship patterns that we established in order to keep our marriage strong and fulfilling.  I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to change themselves or their relationships and in fact I always do; several of our family/friends also went to see him. It’s been an amazing journey with Chris and we are both eternally grateful for the priceless gift he gave us."   

Mr and Mrs P, Kent 2020 


My world had, and was, falling apart around me, and I didn’t even know it. Chris helped me see the truth of my situation and worked with me to help recognise, understand and learn. This brought clarity, lifting the fog of depression, tackled the low self-esteem, lack of trust and anger at the world around me. From there I was able to bring about true and permanent positive change to my life and those of my wife and children.  It's not easy, if fact it’s very tough, but with Chris navigating the rewards are immense.  

If you’re reading this and considering whether to work with Chris my advice is simple; put your whole self into Chris’ hands, his way of working and the process, and you will be writing feedback like this."  

Mr and Mrs T, Canterbury, 2020. 


My partner and I really appreciated your time.  You helped us in massive ways I can't properly explain. The impact you had in our lives was so important and we are forever thankful.   

L & S, Ramsgate, 2019 


"My wife and I started seeing Chris when our marriage was on the brink of collapse. Immediately he put us both at ease with his engaging, open and warm persona.  We met with Chris as a couple once a week at first. Over the course of the first few months, he was able to help us put in place coping mechanisms to come to terms with the trauma we had gone through and ways to talk to each other without all of the emotion taking over.  As we progressed we underwent 1-2-1 therapy to start to explore the underlying unconscious drivers which caused the behaviours which led to the situation we were in. This then fed back into the couples therapy we needed to have on a less and less frequent basis.  Chris has an extensive knowledge of his subject and is able to explain sometimes complex ideas in a straightforward and accessible way. Always open and welcoming, he was also not afraid to push when I resisted being honest with myself.   Now my wife and I are in a much better place than we ever were; we can talk without falling into the old traps of victim-hood and blame. Without Chris I hate to think where I would be right now."   

S and J, 2019. 


"My husband and I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable in couples sessions."  

LM, 2018  


Children (and Families) 

I cannot speak highly enough of Chris and the exceptional service he provides.  Chris embodies qualities of openness, mindfulness, and non-judgment, creating a safe and supportive environment for therapy.  I deeply appreciate Chris's personalized approach to therapy, recognizing that each individual's journey is unique. 

Having visited Chris on multiple occasions and even recommending him to a loved one, I can attest to the effectiveness of his therapy style. 

Chris's versatility shines through in his ability to work both with individuals and couples. The dynamic nature of his sessions allows for a genuine connection, ensuring that therapy feels tailored to each person's needs. Furthermore, Chris's flexibility is commendable. Despite facing logistical challenges, such as needing to bring my baby along due to breastfeeding, Chris always made me feel comfortable and welcomed. His willingness to accommodate such situations speaks volumes about his dedication to his clients' well-being.  I'm particularly grateful for Chris's ongoing support and feedback throughout our sessions. His availability and responsiveness reassure me that I'm not alone in my journey, especially during moments of vulnerability. Looking ahead, I have full confidence in Chris's ability to support my family should we need him. my son youngest son, in particular, who may benefit from therapy due to ADHD and severe dyslexia. In a time where play therapy may notbe beneficial to age, Chris will undoubtedly be our first choice.   In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Chris to anyone seeking therapy. His professionalism, empathy, and genuine care make him an invaluable resource for friends and family alike. R, South Kent, 2024


"Chris was a huge help at such an incredibly difficult time. He was able to help both myself and my wife during the early stages of our separation navigating us through all extremes of emotions, which from a personal perspective would have been impossible otherwise to cope with. He was able to deliver fair and balanced impartial advice and support which continues to contribute towards the step by step rebuilding process. Always helping to check and defuse raw emotions offering a sense of reason and focus on being kind during the times when it was most necessary. It’s now a constant reassurance to know that I have someone to turn to for support."   

Family T, Canterbury, 2020.  


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for giving our son back to us. S had been suffering from anxiety and depression for 3 and a half years, since he was 13 and we had tried all sorts of treatments and counselling, nothing worked.  You took the time to speak to each member of our family, with and without S, helping us to also understand what we could do to help him.  Your understanding and kindness shone through and now we have our nutty teenager back again.  If anyone is considering seeing Chris,  please don't hesitate. It will be the best thing you do. Thank you Chris.  

Family, Rainham, 2019 


“We met Chris at a very difficult time for our family when our son couldn’t get to sleep at night. It was causing huge arguments between us all, we were falling apart. Chris saw us, and our son, and helped us establish what the problems might be. He then guided us individually to find solutions. It felt a complicated issue, that needed time and patience from Chris to unravel. We can not thank him enough for the help he has given us and we all agree that we are better people, happier people and, most importantly, a happier family as a result. Whether it’s for your child, for your relationship or for yourself - we cant recommend Chris highly enough."   

Family, Deal, 2018  


"Keen to set up treatment sessions immediately to make a quick impact- it did! Within a few sessions, we had our happy, confident and funny little boy back!  We would definitely use Chris’s services again!"  

Family W, 2017 


Chris was great with our 4 year old and he immediately made him and us feel at ease. After spending time with our child, Chris was very quick to make an analysis of what he felt was causing him anxiety- this was very detailed and made a lot of sense when Chris went through it with us. Chris spent a great deal of time talking to us to help us understand what was going on with our child and what was the root cause of his anxiety and how it could be treated. We were given lots of helpful advice of things we could put in place at home and at school to support him. Our little boy was very sad, distressed and really struggling to cope at school.   

Chris was keen to set up treatment sessions immediately to make a quick impact- it did! Within a few sessions, we had our happy, confident and funny little boy back!  We would definitely use Chris’s services again!  

Family W, Westgate, 2017 

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