Chris graduated from Kent University with a first class honours degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies.  He also holds a diploma in Counselling Therapy, is a registered member of the British Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (BACP) and accredited member of the National Counselling Society (NCS).  Birkbeck University London is currently providing his studies towards his Master's degree in Psychoanalytic Studies.  Chris advises businesses and organisations on mental health training and counselling service provision.  Chris holds indemnity insurance and is DBS cleared.  For a number of years Chris has been a consultant to Medway Council Public Health Team where he also delivers mental health and social prescribing training.  He also advises upon management and wellbeing issues. 


 Chris offers warmth, deep compassion, a strictly non-judgemental approach with a broad intellectual reach that supports a fascination into people and relationships. 


A varied background offers life experience and gentle humour, and Chris is fortunate to live and work within the Canterbury Cathedral Precincts, with a fantastic view of the Cathedral.  There are lots of quiet spaces for reflection. 

Chris's introduction to psychotherapy came from his father The Rev. Maurice Kidd, who trained as a psychotherapist under Dr. Harry Guntrip - a specialist in schizoidism.   Over the years a deep and broad theoretical understanding of the various schools of psychoanalysis has added to Christopher's perspectives.  Chris is very experienced working with, and has a deep understanding of ASD/Autism and is himself diagnosed on the ASD scale. The autism described by Lacan informs his analysis and offers clients real and systematic understanding of personal and social communication issues; both at a conscious and unconscious level.  He has a teenage son with ADHD.  Chris's studies and experience also provides a considerable understanding of personality disorders, especially narcissism and how to manage narcissistic abuse and difficult relationships. 

 Chris worked for the Samaritans before pursuing a 19 year police career which considerably extended his life experience.  Chris specialised in intelligence research and analysis, corporate strategy, and organisational management, qualifying as an Inspector.  He is trained in risk and trauma management, data-protection, and advanced investigation skills.  

A desire to return to education offered the opportunity for a career change, with Chris obtaining a first class degree and a diploma.  He also spent sometime lecturing in Counselling at Ashford College.  


Chris studied Freudian Psychoanalysis under Professor Janet Sayers, as well as Existentialism, Buddhism, Islam and Sociology of Religion whilst at University. Chris is especially interested in postmodernism, deconstructionism, and radical theology; being particularly inspired by the writing of John D. Caputo of whom he had the pleasure of meeting for Lectures in 2015.  Jacques Lacan is an inspiring and influential figure and his insights often flow through sessions.  These are part of the powerful insights and interpretations that are offered with the use of simple metaphors and analogies; ensuring you are central to the therapy.

Chris holds FE certificates in work-place mediation; conflict management, promoting equality and diversity, and in policing. Chris has experience working with mentoring young people, especially those with behavioural challenges including ASD, ADHD etc.  

Chris specialises in the area of schizoidism and Personal Relations Therapy, as well as trauma and emotional focused therapy (EFT).  He has also studied widely in the area of existentialism, depth psychology.  He is a strong advocate of Gestalt therapy and techniques where it is appropriate. 

Chris has worked with couples, groups and families, seeking to improve relationships and communication, bringing both a personal, pragmatic and strategic awareness.  

Chris is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and complies with their ethical framework.  The National Counselling Society (NCS) have fully accredited Chris and he is committed to providing a flexible, confidential, non-judgemental approach which places your needs at the centre of the counselling experience.