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We also offer training and consultancy to organisations and businesses.


We work with you to understand and relieve suffering by talking through and solving problems.  

This improves the quality of your life, and your relationships, and brings lasting changes. 

"Achieve a deeper understanding."


Some of what people say about us:

Thanks Chris for guiding me to the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.your thought provoking sessions have helped me gain confidence in myself and given me the tools to resurrect what I felt sure was a situation I was unable to turn around.  Wholeheartedly recommend.  JB, South Canterbury 2020.

From the moment we arrived for our first session it was immediately clear that we had entered into an environment where we could feel 'safe' while talking through the problems we had encountered within our relationship. My partner in particular was nervous and suffering with anxiety, this was handled by Chris with great care and understanding. Chris possesses considerable social perceptiveness, and using this skill he was able to tailor an approach that was appropriate for us and our situation. He has within his repertoire as a therapist a great amount of tools which help to aid understanding and demonstrate the key to good communication with a partner, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Something I found particularly helpful was the support Chris provided for us even outside our sessions, on several occasions I was able to message him and ask his advice, I thought this was remarkable especially considering his workload. I would definitely recommend Canterbury Hope Foundation and would return myself if I needed the support again. Couple, Canterbury 2019-20

I came to Chris in the midst of a crisis, I was not coping with the pressures of family illness and impending bereavement. This had led to a breakdown in my marriage and family life, and so I sought help. Having only had some small experiences with therapy so far, I didn't know how to start such a process. Chatting to some good friends to try and find out what to look for, I started looking for a Psychotherapist with good qualifications, and then contacted several to arrange initial discussions.

From the start, Christopher was a very clear communicator, and responded promptly to my messages. We arranged for an initial session, and the process of that was straightforward and reliable. After meeting with a few others, I came to the conclusion that I needed someone who I could empathise with, someone who would be open with me, and someone whose strength of character would provide me with shelter.   When I met Christopher, he was warm, personable, honest and open. I immediately felt a bond of trust with him, and that particularly was essential for me to open up and we faced my problems together. 

The sessions were tough, but always kind, and always with empathy. Christopher is very skilled at walking the line between pushing me enough to be honest about my feelings, giving me practical strategies to manage my more difficult traits, and offering me love and support. 

After a period of several months, we reached a point where I felt like I needed to try life without therapy for a while. I use the tools that Christopher has taught me to improve my relationships on a daily basis. My  family and friends can see the change, and it's something I try to work on every day. My therapy has opened my eyes, and started me on a new direction in my life which I am incredibly thankful to Christopher for. And the knowledge that I can call on him in the future is a great comfort.  

Nick, May 2020

My partner and I really appreciated your time.  You helped us in massive ways I can't properly explain. The impact you had in our lives was so important and we are forever thankful.  L & S, Couple, Ramsgate, 2019

When I first went to the Hope Foundation I didn’t know where to turn.  I felt unable to make decisions, lacked confidence and felt very low.  This impacted on my family in a very negative way. I was amazed how Chris tapped into my inner psyche, he discussed with me how I could improve things by understanding more about my unconscious mind.  During the sessions  he showed me by understanding the science of psychology this can enable me to use the premise in my day to day life and in the future so I can realise my true potential.  Chris uses a non judgemental, kind approach which really brought out the best in me and made me feel comfortable and eager to learn. 

I would thoroughly recommend the Hope Foundation and their approach. Juliette, Birchington, 2020. 

"In difficult times,  finding someone who can help may be one of the hardest jobs. Somehow Chris’s advert stood out so I called. Could I have been luckier? I doubt it. I once saw a councillor when my bother died, twenty years ago. My current situation may have been more difficult. Chris’s warmth, skill and pragmatic approach may have literally saved my life. I cannot recommend him enough. In a world that to me has lost it’s way, Chris remains a rock of common sense with enormous skill. See him and decide for yourself." Stuart B, 2020.

"It's difficult to put into words exactly how much you helped me." Jaime, Canterbury 2020.

Thanks Chris for guiding me to the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.  Your thought provoking sessions have helped me gain confidence in myself and given me the tools to resurrect what I felt sure was a situation I was unable to turn around.

Wholeheartedly recommended. John, Rural South Canterbury, April 2020.

Before the start of my psychotherapy sessions I was frustrated, exhausted and struggled to imagine things getting better. But with the help and encouragement of the Canterbury Hope Foundation I have increased confidence in my own ability to craft the direction that I want to take in life. I feel that I'm now capable of vocalising my thoughts and feelings in a way that's more constructive to my friends, family and colleagues; because of that, my inter-personal relationships have dramatically improved and I gained the courage to apply for a new role which I am starting at the end of next month.  Six months ago, I was overwhelmed by the circumstances that I found myself in and felt like the rug was constantly being pulled from underneath. Canterbury Hope Foundation gave me the tools to help accept the situation, stabilise the aspects that I could and then build upwards."  Mr. C - Medway Towns, Feb 2020.

My world had, and was, falling apart around me, and I didn’t even know it. Chris helped me see the truth of my situation and worked with me to help recognise, understand and learn. This brought clarity, lifting the fog of depression, tackled the low self esteem, lack of trust and anger at the world around me. From there I was able to bring about true and permanent positive change to my life and those of my wife and children.  It's not easy, if fact it’s very tough, but with Chris navigating the rewards are immense. 

If you’re reading this and considering whether to work with Chris my advice is simple; put your whole self into Chris’ hands, his way of working and the process, and you will be writing feedback like this." Mr and Mrs T, South Canterbury, 2020.

"I came to Chris feeling as though I was stuck and felt constantly out of control, with my confidence at an all time low. I can honestly say that following my sessions with Chris, I have completely changed my outset. I’m also looking forward to utilising all of the techniques he’s shown me to combat situations in which previously would have knocked me and left me again feeling helpless again. I would 100% recommended him and know that I can rely on advice or help from him in the future whenever I need it.

James, 2020, Canterbury.

"It had been more than ten years since I last had psychotherapy and I didn’t feel that it helped a great deal. But I thought I’d give it another go as I was struggling with aspects of my life. I got in touch with Chris after reading some of the testimonials on the site and I am very glad that I did. I found his ability to get to the heart of things and his insight were remarkable. After just a few sessions I was beginning to understand myself so much better. I’ve gained the confidence and have been given the tools to make the changes I wanted in my life, and I am excited about that. I’m also a lot less anxious! I recommended my sister and a good friend and I know they are really happy with the journey they have started! Thank you Chris. " Mr. S, Westgate 2019

"My wife and I started seeing Chris when our marriage was on the brink of collapse. Immediately he put us both at ease with his engaging, open and warm persona.  We met with Chris as a couple once a week at first. Over the course of the first few months, he was able to help us put in place coping mechanisms to come to terms with the trauma we had gone through and ways to talk to each other without all of the emotion taking over.  As we progressed we underwent 1-2-1 therapy to start to explore the underlying unconscious drivers which caused the behaviours which led to the situation we were in. This then fed back into the couples therapy we needed to have on a less and less frequent basis.  Chris has an extensive knowledge of his subject and is able to explain sometimes complex ideas in a straightforward and accessible way. Always open and welcoming, he was also not afraid to push when I resisted being honest with myself.   Now my wife and I are in a much better place than we ever were; we can talk without falling into the old traps of victim-hood and blame. Without Chris I hate to think where I would be right now."  Couple Mr, S&J, 2019.

"The speed and accuracy by which Chris was able to work out our personalities and provide genuinely useful insight was, quite frankly, incredible.  This insight, hard as it was to digest, proved to be so profound to me that I was finally able to unpick what had being going on in my relationship.  His ability to sum up the relationship in one stark metaphor was a watershed moment for me.  Through his insight and continued support I have managed to start to discover myself again and to regain my confidence which had been systematically dismantled."  Mr. M, 2019

"My husband and I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable in couples sessions." Laura M., 2018 


"Chris valued me for who I am; he drew on what gives my life meaning and value in a non-judgemental way to support my progress." Stephen, 2017


"The complete councillor; Chris is always present, focused and unshakeable in his determination to see us succeed." Simon, 2017


"Keen to set up treatment sessions immediately to make a quick impact- it did! Within a few sessions, we had our happy, confident and funny little boy back!  We would definitely use Chris’s services again!" Family W., 2017


"Thank you Chris for helping me understand what my underlying issues were and how to process them. You have really enabled me to truly feel better in myself. If anyone is thinking of seeing Chris for whatever reason; please don't hesitate!"  Hugo, 2018


"I'd like to say Chris has been a great help to me over the last 6 months with helping me to deal with my depression and taught me different coping mechanisms. I would have no hesitation in recommending and also using him again if i needed in the future." 

Andrew, 2018


"I am incredibly grateful to have been recommended Chris. He has provided a service which has guided and allowed me to overcome several personal issues in a caring, understanding and informative way.  He makes his clients feel comfortable and safe, to speak openly and to experience emotions that can be painful in a supportive place."

"Chris has helped me understand behaviour and emotions and how to cope with them in the future. I am back to my happy and content self and am extremely grateful to Chris for this. I highly recommend his services which are tailored to each persons individual needs. Thank you Chris."  Lady  - Anon., 2018

"Chris has changed my life and enabled me to accept myself just the way I am. I will always be grateful for everything he has done for me. He is a massive inspiration to me and I cannot recommend him enough." Stacey 2019

“We met Chris at a very difficult time for our family when our son couldn’t get to sleep at night. It was causing huge arguments between us all, we were falling apart. Chris saw us, and our son, and helped us establish what the problems might be. He then guided us individually to find solutions. It felt a complicated issue, that needed time and patience from Chris to unravel. We can not thank him enough for the help he has given us and we all agree that we are better people, happier people and, most importantly, a happier family as a result. Wether it’s for your child, for your relationship or for yourself - we cant recommend Chris highly enough."  

Family from Deal 2018. 





In the Kentish countryside


"Hopeful and reflective safe spaces"


High quality consulting rooms in discrete locations



Working hard to provide hope and to build trusting relationships



Issues successfully treated include phobias, depression, personality issues,
sexual abuse and intimacy/relationships, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders,
violence/anti-social behaviour, bereavement, and PTSD .  
We work with children, families as well as adults of all ages.



Professionally qualified
B.A.(Hons) Philosophy & Religious Studies
Diploma in Counselling Therapy
Registered (BACP) and insured (Towergate)

I have successfully treated a broad range of people from as young as 4 to a lady of 89.  I specialise in relationships, trauma, depression and anxiety including working with people on the autism scale. 

I have also worked successfully with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, survivors of parental and sexual abuse and professionals traumatised from service, including the emergency services and armed forces. I have been particularly successful in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and personality disorders including NPD, BPD.

I have taught and lectured in counselling and use a wide range of styles and techniques to facilitate client improvements. This can range from simple counselling to a deeper psychoanalytical approach.  I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Psychoanalytical Studies at Birkbeck University, London.

I work a lot with relationships, including marriages and families, and encourage people to learn some simple techniques to help overcome problems in the future. 


01227 788869 / 07730 360252 (Text for immediate response)

Nackington Village,  Canterbury