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Welcome to the Canterbury Hope Foundation. Established in 2015, the Canterbury Hope Foundation was founded to help people struggling with relationships and associated emotional, psychological and mental health challenges. 
We offer highly effective and recommended therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families and children and adolescents. We are strictly non-discriminatory and non-judgemental. We specialise in working with autism/ADHD including pathological demand avoidance, narcissism, narcissistic abuse recovery, trauma, anxiety, depression, and relieving emotional pain amongst many other symptoms and issues.


You come to us because you desire impactive integrative, directive counselling and psychotherapy with aspects of personal coaching and mentoring.

If you’d like to learn more about our services please use the link below:


What to Expect 


Your first session is a full assessment that gives us a chance to meet each other and to see if there is a good therapeutic match. You’ll be encouraged to talk in confidence whilst your therapist forms a working hypothesis of the work that may be needed.  We then discuss and address any risk factors before forming a bespoke plan for treatment.  After deciding on some objectives and an initial schedule of sessions, we agree a simple contract for the work we will undertake together.  


We will work with you to understand and relieve suffering by talking through and helping you to solve problems.  A deep analysis improves the quality of your understanding of self and others.  This improves the quality of your life, your relationships, and brings lasting changes. 

For in person sessions, you can expect a warm welcome and fabulous facilities close to the centre of Canterbury and just a few metres from Canterbury West Train Station.  There is local free parking and places to relax pre and post sessions. The environment is discreet and comfortably contemporary with a post-industrial décor.  Sessions may also take place online at a place of your convenience. 


We have different price entry points, depending upon the type of service you require and the therapist you prefer to work with.  We will regularly review progress with you.

Our Services


Individual Psychotherapy

Couples Counselling Kent

Couples Counselling

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Children and Adolescent Therapy 


Family Therapy

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Christian Counselling



Therapy in Canterbury

Are you seeking therapy in Kent? Get in touch with us about our various therapy sessions and services.

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