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Relationship Therapy 

Our relationship counselling and marriage guidance is different from others offered.  We factor in that relationships are in part founded upon unconscious drivers and repetitive patterns that ideally are understood before progress can be made.  We bring to consciousness factors at play in the relationship before helping the couple or family understand and communicate more effectively as a team.   Once understood, we work pragmatically to design and communicate solutions, always aiming for a win win.  We use a very wide variety of skills and tools to help you achieve what is desired.  We also understand that sometimes what is required is mediation to secure as amicable break as possible, and again we work pragmatically and diplomatically to bring about successful outcomes.  

Often people come and ask us to support one of the party with additional therapy to help in addressing specific issues.  We provide this confidentially whilst always keeping in mind the couple. 

Our experience repeatedly tells us that couple and families wait too long for help.  This allows resentments to grow and makes forgiveness all the harder.  Early intervention is far better where possible and can be a lot cheaper than divorce.   Give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs, whatever they are. 



Take Control of Your Future

We understand that when relationships breakdown the costs both personal and financial can be immense.  We offer couples the opportunity to have support in mediating their futures which eases the pain, invites hope and saves money.

In Negotiation
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